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I was a civil servant for many years but after the birth of my daughter I changed career path and worked in a lovely pre-school for a few years before I trained as a postnatal doula in 2008.


I am an experienced and dedicated postnatal doula and will support you by providing emotional care and mother-led practical help in your home following the birth of your baby.

The practical help could include some light housework, food shopping, preparing meals, helping take care of siblings, assisting with infant feeding, looking after your baby while you rest (or have a well deserved hot cup of tea!)… but I will be guided by you and will do my very best to meet your needs.

I will listen, encourage, discuss concerns and issues, and wherever possible make suggestions and provide information and options to empower you to make your decisions which I will then respect.


i am also very happy to support you in the antenatal period by helping you get ready for your baby, accompanying you to appointments and anything else you may need.

I am there for you and my aim is to nurture you, and support you and your family with your newborn.  I aim to help you bond with, and enjoy your baby and leave you as a happy and confident mum.

We are located at:

Baby Harmony Doula Services

Caversham, Reading, Berkshire


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If you have any queries or wish to make an appointment to have an informal chat, please contact me on:


0771 377 2005   or   or

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